Warrensburg Dining

Warrensburg Dining List (* indicates located Downtown). This does not include chain restaurants . Organized by cuisine; restaurants marked with a + have a full menu in addition to the specialty listed.  We have not eaten at restaurants marked with  %.  All Warrensburg restaurants are non-smoking by law; those outside the city limits generally allow smoking. Most of these are listed on the map, below the listings.


Coffee Shops:


      • Mary Jane’s Home Cooking, South Maguire (South Mall shopping center across from Parker’s Supermarket).
      • Roundabout Cafe,  in Hawthorne shopping center north of Walmart.

Full Menu:

      •  * Heroes: Full menu, liquor; 107 W. Pine, 747-3163.
      •   Player’s: Full menu (steaks, prime rib, shrimp), liquor; Russell Rd opposite Holiday Inn Express, 747-2115.
      •   Nathan’s: Full menu, liquor; Santa Fe Trail shopping center, Bus. 50 & Burkarth.
      • % Reflections on Pine: Full menu, liquor; located at the Hidden Pines Country Club off of West Pine St.


      • * Cafe Blackadder: teas, coffees, lunches, sandwiches, dinners; 121 N. Holden
      • * la Sous Terre: Fondue (& more) restaurant, weekend reservations required. Below Java Junction at 101 W Pine, 747-0725


      •   Cancun: Authentic Mexican, near NE corner of Bus-50 and Bus-13
      •   Copper Coyote: SW Mexican, Bus 50 east.
      •   El Monterrey: Authentic Mexican, Midtown Connection Center


      •   % Cupini’s:  Pizza, panini, pasta, etc.;  214 E. Culton (behind Family Video).
      •   *% Luigi’s Italian Restaurant: Broad Italian menu, white tablecloths, liquor. E. Pine St. between Holden & College.


      •   Hong Kong Express: Carry-out Chinese; Maguire & Clark
      •   King’s Chef: Oriental buffet; 501 N. Maguire (Midtown Connection), 747-0880.
      •   % New China: Oriental buffet; 123 W Young, 429-6618.
      •   % Oriental Cuisine: Korean & Japanese; Maguire & Hamilton

Sandwiches, pizza, etc.:

      •   Mighty Melt: Sandwiches, soups & spuds; 417 N.Maguire, 747-6006.
      • * Old Barney’s: Breakfast, plate lunch & sandwiches; 112 Hout St.
      • * +Fitters Pizza & Pub, W. Pine, 429-3500

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