All Good Things Must End

After 28 years we have decided to close the B&B effective June 15th. With current bookings considered, only 4 bookable weekends remain before we close. Better hurry!

Pricing Changed!

Yes, in view of the stagnant economy, we lowered our base rate to $179 per night, with a $10 discount for the 2nd & subsequent nights. This includes weekends but excludes New Year’s Eve & Valentines weekends. Still a 2 night minimum for long weekends (but you can ask).

42″ TV

Yep, the old TV died so we upgraded the Cottage to a 42″ set full 1080p. While we were at it, we upgraded the stand to a wall mount – one that swivels. New pictures coming soon.

Back on the phone

If you’ve tried to call us since June 8th, you’ve not reached us. That’s because we were out of town, and the cell phone our regular line forwarded to was lost. We’re home, and the phone problems is resolved. Our apologies for any problem it may have caused you.

Winter’s Going to the Birds

Birds, such as cardinals, blue jays, doves, chickadees, sparrows, woodpeckers and – yes – wild turkeys flock to the bird feeder at the Cottage. A recent guest counted 10-12 male cardinals, flitting in and out of the feeder area. The turkeys are starting to flock together with mating season only a month or so away. A few of the toms have been seen in full display, practice we suppose. Come stay and get in some bird watching – there’s an identification guide book at the Cottage.

Romantic Holidays On Tap

New Years Eve is almost upon us and Valentine’s Day is not far off. If you want a private romantic experience with your significant other, take a look at the Cottage on the Knoll.

P.S. – It’s great for your other special day, whenever it may fall.

For the Birds!

The bird feeder is active this time of year, and we keep it full.   Cardinals, blue jays, mourning doves, chickadees, sparrows and more visit daily, and wild turkeys scratch up the spillage.  But that’s not all – watch the sky for assorted hawks and crows, and listen for owls in the evening.   Just yesterday I saw a pair of bald eagles on a dead tree that stands in a pond not two miles from Cedarcroft.  For amateurs, we have books by the door to help you identify the birds you see.   If it’s too cold to be outside, we have plenty of wood for the fireplace.

Where did all the leaves go?

Recent rains and wind have stripped most of the leaves from the trees; that means there’s nothing to block your view of wildlife moving through the woods (well, nothing but their stealthy ways).  We’ll be cutting firewood regularly now, but we already have a nice supply of wood for the Cottage fireplace safely dry in the barn.  Colder weather clears the sky, too, so the stars look brighter and the upcoming meteor showers are more visible.  Now’s a good time to lock in your next stay at the Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm.

June is here

Yes, it’s June.  The grasses in the back 40 at Cedarcroft Farm B&B ripple in the wind like the prairies that once covered the area.  Does stash their new fawns in the deep grass as they forage well away. Bucks are busy growing their antlers, now in velvet.  Daisies & black-eyed Susans will soon make their appearance.  Our native grass patches, especially the eastern gamma, are beginning to grow. Yarrow still blooms, along with lespedeza and other broadleaves.  The mockingbirds provide a daytime chorus, while the coyotes take care of the evening concert.

Around the Cottage on the Knoll, the iris show is over, but it looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of coneflowers gracing the porch.  The ground source heat pump cools the cottage efficiently, even if a guest chooses to light the wood in the fireplace.  We have plenty of openings, so check our availability and come on down for a relaxing country stay.

Our Trails are Open for 2013

Now that winter is finally over (we’re pretty sure), the trails around the back 40 and into the woods are mowed.  Grass is growing tall in the meadow in the back 40, and wildflowers are starting to bloom – some parts of the meadow are full of yarrow.  The creek is running clear (at least until the next rain) and prime for relic hunting on the gravel bars.  The iris patch behind the Cottage on the Knoll at Cedarcroft Farm is in full bloom, and I can see that the coneflowers will be spectacular when they start to bloom in late June through early fall.  It’s definitely a great time to take that B&B escape, away from it all at Warrensburg’s premier B&B.