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Scruffy getting ready to chase the other boys with his stick

Scruffy, Sandra’s great rescue project, welcomes you to Sandra’s Horsey Page. Scruffy’s was our junior horse and the last of our horses, and recently died at age 22.  When younger, he liked to chase the senior boys, Star & Buddy, around with a stick.

Sandra says, “I had to wait until I was almost 40 to get my first horse, an 18-year-old quarterhorse gelding named Osage Star Champ. (Old Star). Star’s age (33) finally caught up with him in July 2001 and he’s buried on his favorite hillside below the barn. He was a black bay with a white star, and a graduate of the (defunct) Central Missouri State University Equestrian program – he was there long enough that he probably qualified as a graduate assistant. Star was bred at the Apperson ranch near Welch, Oklahoma.

Buddy in the barnyard

The next year, we got Buddy (Bar Buddy Leo), who was 14 (and died in 2004 at age 32), so Bill & I could ride together. Buddy was a chestnut with a blaze and 4 white feet, and was also a CMSU graduate. He was bred in the Ozarks and was the joker of our equine family – great at untying knots, but his favorite trick was to plod along on a trail ride until he crossed a creek, then climb out bucking! When Scruffy elevated himself to Boss Horse, Buddy used all his smarts to keep Scruffy confused.




In 1990, we added yearling Scruffy, who was one of 9 horses trying to make a living on 20 Ozarkian acres about 3 miles from our place – he was so weak from starvation and worms that we had to sling him from the ceiling (we’ll get up a picture sometime) until he could stand on his own. Scruffy supposedly has a racing quarterhorse pedigree but was never registered.
Scruffy  lived by himself in an 1880s barn and 2 acre pasture until March 2012, shut off from the 50 acres of pasture (plus woods & creeks) with deer & wild turkey.  He spent his last few years mostly as a “pasture ornament” with no work work, so he thought he was in horse heaven (where he has joined his running mates).

Ahab became an official member of the family on August 10th, 1997 and died on November 25, 2001. Ahab was a Jordanian Arab with a heck of a story (see the article in the June 1996 issue of Arabian Express Magazine for the details).

Shaleen riding Ahab