All Good Things Must End

After 28 years we have decided to close the B&B effective June 15th. With current bookings considered, only 4 bookable weekends remain before we close. Better hurry!


  1. Gayle Blanchard says:

    We sure enjoyed staying in you B and B. Cottage on the knoll. We loved your hospitality and told all of our friends. They all came there and so did my parents. You’ll never know how many marriages you helped with your nice get away. The food was delicious and everything was always top notch. Thank you for your services ! Has always been our favorite place! 🙂

  2. Cecile Stehmann says:

    So sad to see you’re closed. We loved our stay with you as did our three children and their spouses. I hesitate to ask, but Sandra, the breakfast you served was so delicious, could I have the recipe for the creole or cajun egg dish?

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