Romantic Holidays On Tap

New Years Eve is almost upon us and Valentine’s Day is not far off. If you want a private romantic experience with your significant other, take a look at the Cottage on the Knoll.

P.S. – It’s great for your other special day, whenever it may fall.


  1. keith constance says:

    I stayed here last winter, turkeys and birds were awesome. For some reason the online scheduling isn’t working.

  2. Stephanie says:

    We stayed here a few years ago. It was a very peaceful and relaxing stay. The breakfast quiche so amazing! I vaguely remember you saying something about staying there in the spring and arrow head hunting and picnic? I cannot remember the details, but wanted to check with you about it. Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie B – Yes, we encourage guests to check the creeks for arrowheads & other artifacts, and can fix them a little picnic lunch for their jaunt. It does require a 2-night stay, and you’re at your own risk as far as weather. If you have further questions, please email us directly.


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