June is here

Yes, it’s June.  The grasses in the back 40 at Cedarcroft Farm B&B ripple in the wind like the prairies that once covered the area.  Does stash their new fawns in the deep grass as they forage well away. Bucks are busy growing their antlers, now in velvet.  Daisies & black-eyed Susans will soon make their appearance.  Our native grass patches, especially the eastern gamma, are beginning to grow. Yarrow still blooms, along with lespedeza and other broadleaves.  The mockingbirds provide a daytime chorus, while the coyotes take care of the evening concert.

Around the Cottage on the Knoll, the iris show is over, but it looks like we’ll have a bumper crop of coneflowers gracing the porch.  The ground source heat pump cools the cottage efficiently, even if a guest chooses to light the wood in the fireplace.  We have plenty of openings, so check our availability and come on down for a relaxing country stay.

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